January 4, 2021

How To Begin This New Year With Gratitude & Growth

Have you ever told yourself, “I want to change! I want to— want to, make good choices!”? But life inevitably throws punches of temptation and fatigue, and what new years resolutions you had made – suddenly look and feel impossible? Ugh! 🤦‍♀️

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Hey, we’ve ALL been there! I don’t know of anyone who hasn’t gone through the typical new years resolution making, only to end up hating new years resolutions because they ‘never work’.

They often fail due to unrealistic expectations we set for ourselves – because we’re high achievers!

There’s nothing wrong with setting positive-healthy goals, but it’s the level at which we set the bar that determines whether or not we make real and sustainable progress.

Weight-loss is a popular new years resolution. Reading more books is another, and vague – seemingly ‘safe’ goal making (“be a better human”) is another popular approach… while good… it could be improved upon to help move the momentum at which you move forward in life. 🙂

Let Me Fill You In On A Secret…

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What if I were to tell you that if you focused on just ONE thing, keep it simple – yet descriptive, you’ll actually discover the secret to success?

Success isn’t about reaching the finish line – success is about discovering progress. It’s about strengthening your daily life so that you can sustain what works! Success looks like maintaining consistent-healthy-habits.

Your previous attempts to accomplish goals were never failures – they were all feedback! With that feedback you gain wisdom to take with you when you renew, reset, and restart your day again.

There are no realistic ‘one and done’ goals or dreams in life. Those who lose weight have to also learn how to maintain that weight loss. Those who finally graduate and begin their careers need to learn how to take action on what they’ve learned, build their career – while also keeping up with continued education as new discoveries in their field of work are revealed. Their schooling never really ends. We’re all life-long students!

We never stop growing, and we never stop learning— so STOP setting yourself up for disappointment by setting unrealistic expectations!

You are worthy of trying again.

Keep your goals simple.

Many people will say, “You are perfect, just the way you are— why worry about changing? You don’t need to change!”

While it is true that you are worthy of love, you are worthy of life, you are worthy of all good things— just as you are in this very moment; it is also true that you are worthy of transforming yourself to whomever you want to become.

Mortality is about self-discovery, evolution, growth, and climbing up to the top of the mountain of life for a beautiful and incredible view! It is not about standing still. That is what makes the beginning of a new year so refreshing!

We grow by challenging ourselves, and never being satisfied with the final outcome.

It is impossible to stand still. You either slowly slide into what some call the ‘natural man’, where unhealthy bad habits rise to the surface… temptation breeds in this environment…. or with slow and steady daily action you can climb that mountain to safety and success. A healthier, stronger, wiser version of you!

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How Do I Move Forward When I’m Tired?

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If you were promised that you didn’t have to run (nor should you), if all you had to do was take it slow and easy, every day, wouldn’t you take the opportunity to improve upon the already beautiful person that you are?

Imagine if all the great minds who ever created something we depend upon now today, sat in satisfaction of their first attempt and said “that’s enough”. Benjamin Franklin would have given up on his discovery of electricity, Charles Babbage would have given up on the digital computer, Vinton Cerf and Bob Kahn would have given up on the internet… we feel those are big deals, but back then they were considered the action of a ‘creative mad man’.

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If you think of yourself as just an ‘ordinary person’ who doesn’t make much of a difference in this life, so has every great person in history felt the same way, from Leonardo Da’ Vinci to Beethoven – both artistic geniuses who had “broken brains” that suffered from tremendous self-doubt and insecurities. Their best efforts have inspired and enriched countless generations – all because they chose to keep moving forward, one day at a time. They made countless mistakes too. Many of these historic people were ruthlessly ridiculed for their dreams and ideas; for the actions of their every day life.

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You are NOT insignificant. You have a purpose, and you are vitally important to more people than you could ever know.

You are worthy of trying again, and again, and again. As often as you need to.

Goals and dreams are not about the accomplishment, they simply serve as a beacon that leads you towards growth and transformation.

Confidence is not 100% self-love. Confidence is the willingness to try again, and again, and again. With each attempt you are raising yourself a level higher, making you a little wiser. You are restarting from experience.

Failure = feedback. Mistakes are proof that you are taking action towards improving yourself!

Gratitude & Growth for the New Year

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I have a prepared a journal page for you to fill out and hang somewhere you look often (bathroom, bedroom, office or kitchen).

This journal page gives a balanced approach to carving a realistic path for the new year.

I Am Grateful For…

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You’ll begin by giving thanks to what the past year has taught you (there is always something to be grateful for— even in 2020). 🙂

Fill Your Life with Hope & Light

“Surround yourself with the dreamers, and the doers, the believers, and thinkers, but most of all, surround yourself with those who see the greatness within you, even when you don’t see it yourself.”

Edmund Lee

Next on the journal page you’ll be listing 3 people who you admire, and who you would love to shape your future self around. It’s important to be true to who you are, and live an honest and authentic life. It’s also helpful to fill your life with positive influences. Those influences will help lift you up to a clearer view of who you are destined to become.

Set Your Vision

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Your life doesn’t revolve around what size you are, and it doesn’t revolve around your mental state of mind or what church you attend on Sunday… your life has several ingredients that depend upon each other to thrive. Those 5 ingredients are:

  1. Physical/Health
  2. Emotional/Mental Wellbeing Health
  3. Educational/Work Health
  4. Spiritual/Mindfulness Health
  5. Family/Personal Health

You’ll set ONE [simple] goal for each category, and then detail what action steps you feel you can take, daily, to accomplish that goal.

Because we can’t see the future, this is where our goals we create set the vision for who we want to become, and how we plan to make a positive change for ourselves. We might reach the end goal we have set for ourselves, or the path we set out on may take a detour to something even better. But we’ll never make the discovery unless we set a plan and take immediate action on it. 🙂

Affirm Your Life

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The final section of the journal page are affirmations. I have shared with you my new year affirmations, and have added a section for you to add your own. Use these daily. There is substantial evidence that proves that affirmations work. They reprogram your brain by training it to replace negative ‘natural’ self-talk with powerful positive messages that change your mind and body.

“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.”

Carl Jung

You can take control of your mind. You do not have to allow your mind to control you. You may not have been given the choice of what life threw at you in your past, or the circumstances of your present, but you can choose how you want to feel, and how you want your future to look like. This is how affirmations can help you pave the way to a more positive and fulfilling future.

Let’s Get Started!

> Download the Gratitude and Goals Journal Page <

What happens after I fill out the journal page?

After you fill out the journal page, don’t just tuck it in your drawer. It’s meant to be a constant reminder of the goals and desires you have for this new year. 🙂

2020 was an unexpected curve ball that none of us saw something. We found ourselves in constant need of repair. 2021 doesn’t have to be a repeat of the past year. It can be a year filled with purpose and intention of personal growth. We may not have control over everything happening in the world, but we can choose to focus on what we can do. We always have control over our choices, what we invite into our homes, and what we invite into our mind and body.

After I fill out this journal page I plan to share what I have written in the Be Kind Minds Facebook Group. You are welcome to join in on the group discussion and begin to build a support network of like-minded people who I like to refer to as the ‘Kindness Tribe’!

This life was never meant to be walked alone, so come join us! Let’s venture into this new year with support for one another, and I am confident it will turn out to be a much better year than the one before. Together, we can do this. 🙂

“As you grow older, you will discover that you have two hands. One for helping yourself, the other for helping others.”

Maya Angelou

If you found this article helpful, please share it with your friends! Let’s help motivate each other make this year a happy one filled with hope and a bright future! 💚

About the author

Becky Cooper, Certified Brain Health Coach. Often times we find ourselves in need of support in accomplishing life, health, and mindful goals. It takes a great amount of courage to recognize that you can’t do everything alone— we sometimes need someone to help us be accountable to what we truly desire to accomplish in life.  It has been said that it takes a village to raise a child; I feel it takes a tribe to help raise each other [up]. This is at the heart of what I do. 💚  I have found life to be easier when I accept that I am a 'work in progress', and that's enough. While I continue to learn and progress, taking life one step at a time, I can invite others along my journey and help them too; teaching them what I have learned, and encourage them. In December of 2020 I completed the Brain Health training course directed by Dr. Daniel Amen, graduating with the official certification as an Amen Clinics Certified Brain Health Coach. This not only has helped me learn valuable solutions to help myself heal, but also help others who feel the same way as I do; others who are also in search of healing.Read More...


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