January 25, 2021

What is Your Brain Type?

Who doesn’t enjoy a good personality-type quiz? How about one that will help your brain be healthier?

Below are 5 of my favorite personality-type quizzes and brain health quizzes. The first and last are quick to take, 5 minutes or less (yay!), the others are a little more involved to dig deep into your personality type.

Understanding our behaviors, and what makes us different, can help us better understand ourselves, and help our loved ones better understand us. 🙂

With that in mind, go ahead and dig in! 🌟 If you feel up to sharing, let me know what your results are in a comment below! 💚

Brain Health Assessment

This brain-type quiz is unique in that it’s backed by science; based on research from 160,000+ brain scans and studies by Dr. Daniel Amen— double-board certified psychiatrist with over 30 years of clinical practice, publishing over 70 clinical studies on brain health. In less than 5 minutes you can discover a full assessment on how to optimize your brain health, know your brain’s risk factors, explore which types of exercise are best for your brain-type, and learn more about food and supplement choices that will help boost your mental wellness.

Color Code Personality Test

This color code test has been around for decades. It’s one of my favorite personality tests that really makes sense. It sets people into 4 color codes, Red, Blue, White & Yellow. It was designed to help us better understand ourselves and others, and how to improve our relationships: personally, professionally, and socially.

RED (Power) – Red are the power wielders. Power: the ability to move from point A to point B and get things done, is what motivates and drives these people. They bring great gifts of vision and leadership and generally are responsible, decisive, proactive and assertive.

BLUE (Intimacy) – Blue are the do-gooders. Intimacy: connecting, creating quality relationships and having purpose, is what motivates and drives these people. They bring great gifts of quality and service and are generally loyal, sincere, and thoughtful.

WHITE (Peace) – White are the peacekeepers. Peace: the ability to stay calm and balanced even in the midst of conflict, is what motivates and drives these people. They bring great gifts of clarity and tolerance and are generally kind, adaptable, and good-listeners.

YELLOW (Fun) – Yellow are the fun lovers. Fun: the joy of living life in the moment, is what motivates and drives these people. They bring great gifts of enthusiasm and optimism and are generally charismatic, spontaneous, and sociable.

Take the Color Code Test

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

The Myers-Briggs Type test is another test backed by 70 years of research on personality types. The test will give you an evaluation from 16 different types of personalities and 8 preferences. The theory behind the test is that what seems random in peoples behavior, is actually very orderly and consistent, due to basic differences in the way people prefer to use their perception and judgment.

“Perception involves all the ways of becoming aware of things, people, happenings, or ideas. Judgment involves all the ways of coming to conclusions about what has been perceived. If people differ systematically in what they perceive and in how they reach conclusions, then it is only reasonable for them to differ correspondingly in their interests, reactions, values, motivations, and skills.”

Isabel Briggs Myers

Take the Myers-Briggs Type Test

—>*this is a FREE of cost version, based on the original Myers-Briggs Type Test

Five Love Language Quiz

A common conflict in relationships between spouses, parents & their children, or between friends, is a communication barrier… what makes you feel loved and cared for? What makes them feel loved and cared for? What “speaks” and “looks-like” love to you may not be the same for your loved one.

Understanding your love language, and their love language, will help you identify the root of conflict, and how to receive love and give love in more meaningful ways. 🙂

Take the Five Love Languages Quiz

ADD Type Test

woman wearing red knit top

Did you know there are more than two types of ADD? In the past, it was common to diagnose ADD or ADHD, but Dr. Daniel Amen breaks ADD down into 7 different types, helping to promote a more specific and accurate treatment for your brain.

Why is it worth it to take the ADD test?

  • Determine IF you or your loved one in fact has ADD, and which type…
  • Review an overview of helpful suggestions…
  • Once you know what type of ADD you have, Dr. Amen and his team offer an ‘At Home 30 day Course’ and tailored to you plan (completely optional)…

Take the ADD Test

If you enjoyed taking these quizzes, and found them helpful, please feel free to share this article with your friends & family! 💚

About the author

Becky Cooper, Certified Brain Health Coach. Often times we find ourselves in need of support in accomplishing life, health, and mindful goals. It takes a great amount of courage to recognize that you can’t do everything alone— we sometimes need someone to help us be accountable to what we truly desire to accomplish in life.  It has been said that it takes a village to raise a child; I feel it takes a tribe to help raise each other [up]. This is at the heart of what I do. 💚  I have found life to be easier when I accept that I am a 'work in progress', and that's enough. While I continue to learn and progress, taking life one step at a time, I can invite others along my journey and help them too; teaching them what I have learned, and encourage them. In December of 2020 I completed the Brain Health training course directed by Dr. Daniel Amen, graduating with the official certification as an Amen Clinics Certified Brain Health Coach. This not only has helped me learn valuable solutions to help myself heal, but also help others who feel the same way as I do; others who are also in search of healing.Read More...


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